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    About us

    «ALT Systems» is a major international operator providing a full range of logistics services worldwide. Independent divisions and representative offices on the territory of the Russian Federation are open in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. Сompany's offices and warehouses overseas are represented in Guangzhou (China) and Istanbul (Turkey).

    In Moscow, ALT Systems is represented by Alt Forward LLC, in Petrozavodsk by Alt LLC,- a representative office in Karelia, which is a full-cycle logistics operator and provides 3PL services, using the own transport park and warehouses.

    Our services
    Organization of the first and last mile delivery of cargo. Delivery of cargo in the Central Federal Area and the Russian Federation by our company’s vehicles

    The term “first mile” in transport logistics refers to the process of delivering cargo from the consignor to the terminal of the first main carrier or to the warehouse of the 3Pl operator. For example, a consignment of goods is delivered from the warehouse of the sending company by our transport to the airport, to the address of the airline. Similarly, the term “last mile” refers to the delivery of cargo from the main carrier’s warehouse to the final consignee’s address. For example, when shipment groups arriving by rail from China are delivered directly to our customer’s warehouse by our trucks.

    Responsible storage in our company’s warehouse in the Moscow region

    We store cargo of any type that does not require special storage conditions. We also organize all the necessary loading and unloading operations, and while fulfilling the obligation of responsible storage, we provide various additional services that are necessary for our customers in one way or another. For storage purposes, we accept general, packaged, oversized, heavy, valuable and small cargoes. Cargo is stored in covered heated warehouses equipped with a video surveillance system.
    We also accept shipment groups. We also accept shipments from different consignors for storage in order to form a single shipment transported in the same direction.
    Complementing the range of warehousing services, we offer our customers an option of delivery of the goods in the city and throughout Russia, both as part of shipment groups as well as by individual vehicles.

    Cross-docking service in our company’s warehouse in the Moscow region

    We accept and send cargo without long-term storage. We offer our customers one- or two-phase cross-docking procedures:
    direct cross-docking: transhipment from one vehicle to another;
    Or the "vehicle-warehouse-vehicle" option: this option covers the unloading and further processing of cargo, the distribution of the goods to batches, their marking and reloading. Our services will ensure that the terms of shipment from the warehouse and delivery are coordinated as precisely as possible. Your products will be delivered in the shortest time possible, completely avoiding unnecessary storage

    International road transport

    (Русский) Используемые нашей компанией технологии позволяют обеспечить Клиента всем спектром услуг, связанных с организацией и сопровождением международных автомобильных грузоперевозок. Размер передаваемой нам для транспортировки партии груза может варьироваться от 50 кг и части кубического метра до 20-22 тн и 120 м3. Когда же речь заходит о проектных международных автомобильных перевозках крупногабаритных и тяжеловесных грузовых мест, мы готовы взяться за доставку товара с впечатляющим весом, пусть даже и в 100 – 150 тонн.

    Cargo transportation by sea

    (Русский) Подходя к вопросу организации перевозки груза морским транспортом конкретной партии, мы принимаем во внимание макроэкономические факторы. Составленное нами и направленное в адрес заказчика коммерческое предложение будет подготовлено исходя из особенностей именно его товара, оптимального для него маршрута его транспортировки и конкретных требований клиента относительно скорости доставки. Определенная таким образом стоимость безопасной и сохранной доставки партии груза морем будет оптимальна.

    Transportation of shipment groups and batch shipments by international railways

    We have been engaged in container transportation from China to Russia for 7 years already. The accumulated experience allows us to quickly offer our customers not only a reasonable delivery price but – what is so important during the peak demand – available containers and railway platforms in China as well. Send us your inquiry and we will provide you with the best offer in merely one business day.

    We usually deliver cargo from Moscow to such remote regions of Russia as Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East, especially to their Arctic regions, by rail. It is not only the most economical but often the only possible mode of transport. In addition, there are areas where cargo can be delivered not only by rail but also by combined rail and water. In such cases, for example, we will deliver containers with your cargo by land to the port and then will carry them by water (by sea or river) to regions such as Taimyr Peninsula, Magadan Oblast, Sakhalin Island, Kamchatka, Chukotka, some areas of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), and other hard-to-reach regions of Russia. Undoubtedly, this mode of transportation is not the easiest; however, sometimes businesses cannot cope without it since, like their counterparts in the"mainland", the companies operating here also need to receive the necessary equipment on time.

    Cargo transportation by air

    (Русский) Наша компания давно присутствует на рынке международных грузовых авиаперевозок, мы успели не только разобраться в особенностях этого вида транспорта, но и получили от авиалиний существенные скидки от тарифа за размещаемый объём.

    Customs procedures

    (Русский) Если вам при ввозе или вывозе товара необходимо сделать расчет пошлин, платежей и сборов для организации таможенного оформления, то вы можете запросить его у нас по электронной почте. Для корректного расчета ввоза и вывоза товара (для любой страны) необходимо предоставить информацию и перечень документов. Обращайтесь к нам, чтобы сделать процесс таможенного оформления международных грузов проще!

    Cargo insurance

    (Русский) Страхование грузов при перевозке – широко используемый в мире инструмент возмещения убытков грузовладельца в транспортных перевозках. Перевозка сборного груза – это также риск, так как грузовое место может быть небольшим по объему и весить всего несколько килограмм, и в местах перетарки, например, при использовании нескольких видов транспорта, его могут легко повредить или потерять. Обратитесь к специалистам нашей компании, чтобы узнать стоимость международного страхования груза.

    Detailed request

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    Our advantages
    Cargo transportation by our company’s transport without intermediaries

    A good understanding of logistics, as well as the use of our own transport and warehouse, allows us not only to offer storage organisation services to our customers but also to enable our customers to use outsourcing stock management services so they can focus on more important tasks

    Cargo storage and handling in our company’s warehouse

    Our company has an extensive network of agents around the world; therefore we can always offer competitive rates for shipment of cargo by sea, rail and air transport

    License of a customs agent

    We perform customs procedures at our Chamber of Commerce, which allows us to organise the delivery of imported cargo to Russia under the DDP terms

    ALT Ltd., branch office Petrozavodsk
    185035, Russian Federation, Kareliya, Petrozavodsk, Antikaynena str., 38, Business-center “А38”